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1.5v 4 Piece AA Batteries 6v lr6 AA Alkaline Battery Pack For Electronic Fireworks

The AA alkaline battery pack is actually a series connection of single AA alkaline batteries, and the discharge time remains unchanged at 400 minutes. Mainly to increase the voltage, thereby driving higher-power toys and so on. The voltage is changed from 1.5v to 1.5*4piece, and the final voltage is 6v. Mainly used in electronic fireworks, high-power toys, etc. We also support customized services, including logo, packaging, serial number of particles, etc.

Application :

AA LR06 alkaline battery are specially used in electronic products with high power consumption, such as electronic play, alarm clocks, mice, remote controls etc.


Our No. 5 AA LR06 alkaline battery pack packaging mainly includes three types of plastic packaging,.This link mainly introduces shrink packaging. Our regular package is made of 4, 6 and 8 tablets in series.
We also provide ODM & OEM services, we can help customer to design and manufacture their own logo and package to develop their market.

Brand Goodcell
Model AA / LR06
Attribute Alkaline battery (non-rechargeable)
Warranty 10 Years
Battery Type Zn/MnO2
Jacket Aluminium
Color Yellow or green
Type Alkaline battery
Discharge time 400mins
Voltage 6v

Product advantage:

1. Mercury-free, lead-free, green and environmentally friendly
2. No mercury, no cadmium, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recyclable
3. Long shelf life of 10 years, good quality
4.We are the source factory, the price is more advantageous


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