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High Capacity Am1 Lr20 D Custom 1.5v Alkaline Battery Cell With 1 Or 2 Piece Shrink Package

Our factory is located in Xinxiang, Henan. The LR20 battery of our Goodcell brand belongs to the alkaline zinc-manganese dry battery. It is a non-rechargeable battery suitable for a high power rate. The size range of a No. 1 battery is Φ32.3-34.2*59.5 -61.5mm, net weight 143±0.3gram, the discharge time of 1 AA battery can reach 2100 minutes. Has the advantage of long storage time.

place of origin Xinxiang , Henan, China
Type Alkaline zinc-manganese dry battery
Termination voltage 0.9(V)
Size Φ32.3-34.2*59.5-61.5mm
Quality certification ce
net weight 143±0.3gram
Model LR20 alkaline battery
Piece 96pcs
Diameter 32.3-34.2mm
Min.packing dimension(mm) Φ32.3-34.2*59.5-61.5mm(mm)
Scope of application Doorbell, flashlight, remote control etc

Application :

D size LR20 alkaline battery are specially used in Flashlight, Electric Torch, CD/MD, Toy, flashlight, remote control, etc.
Our D size LR20 alkaline battery can be packed in blister card, shrink,box.This link mainly introduces shrink package. Our shrink packaging are 1pcs / blister, 2pcs / blister .

 Model   Volt  Duration Pcs/Shrink  Pcs/Box  Pcs/CTN  G.W(kg) N.W(kg) CBM(L*W*H CM)
LR20 size D 1.5v 2100min 2 24 196 31.5 30 32*40*30
LR14 / Size C 1.5v 1020min 2 24 192 15 14.5 39*29*22
6LR61/9v 1.5v 850min 1 60 120 7 6.5 34*30*25
LR6 / AA 1.5v 400min 2 60 480 14 13 39*29*28CM
4 120 960 25.5 24 39*29*28CM
LR03 / AAA 1.5v 140min 2 60 480 8 7 39*29*22CM
4 120 960 14 12.5 39*29*22CM

Our Services:

We support odm and OEM customized services, the customized MOQ is only 10,000 tablets
Stable quality, 10 years warranty
The maximum power and maximum material addition under TDS technology (thickness difference steel).
High quality control standards Reliable, consistent and best service

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