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Supply ODM 6 Or 8 Pieces 6v 9v 12v Alkaline Battery No.5 Size Lr6 Am3 AA Battery Pack For Vending Machine

AA alkaline battery pack, also called LR06 battery, which are non-rechargeable disposable battery. The AA alkaline battery pack is a series of the positive and negative electrodes of the No. 5 battery. In order to effectively reduce the leakage, we have carried out a new design of the battery structure, using a new type of sealing ring material with good moisture absorption performance and more stable strength, which is not easy to deform and embrittlement in harsh environments such as increased humidity and temperature. The all-steel pre-nickel-plated shell has better compression resistance than ordinary steel and iron shells, and the use of high-density manganese ring molding technology greatly improves the battery’s anti-leakage performance at night. The bottom insulation ring prevents short circuits, and the automatic safety valve protects your beloved electrical appliances.

Application :

AAA LR03 alkaline battery are specially used in electronic products with high power consumption, such as electronic play, alarm clocks, mice, remote controls etc.


Our AA LR06 alkaline battery pack packaging mainly includes one types of plastic packaging. This link mainly introduces shrink packaging. Our shrink film is available in blue and greenOur regular package is made of 4, 6 and 8 tablets in series.
We also provide ODM & OEM services, we can help customer to design and manufacture their own logo and package to develop their market.

Battey Type 1.5 Volt AA Am3 Lr06 Alkaline Primary Battery Pack
Brand Goodcell
Service ODM and OEM
Model AA / LR06 / AM3
Size Φ9.5-10.5*43.5mm-44.5mm
Voltage 4pcs/6v, 6pcs/9v, 8pcs/12v
Duration time 400mins
Jacket Alu
Warranty 10 years
The connection method In series
Shipping 15-25 working days
Safety factor (Non-Hg, Non-Cadmium)

Product advantage:

1. Goodcell No. 5 battery 4 cell combination, good welding and no short circuit
2. We provide a variety of interfaces to meet the needs of electronic fireworks factories, toy factories, small household appliances and other factories. Common terminals such as: ZH, PH, XH etc.
3. Our service and trade guarantee: sufficient inventory, free custom design is available
4. More than 20 production lines. 600,000 pcs per day, support customizati


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