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NCR 21700 3.7V 4800Mah 3C Rechargeable Li ion Cylindrical Battery For Ebike

4800mah 10c 21700 lithium battery refers to a lithium-ion battery with a diameter of 21mm, length of 70mm, and 0 represents a cylindrical lithium ion battery. 3000mah 10c means that the minimum battery capacity is 3000mah and the maximum continuous discharge current is 10c.

The 21700 lithium-ion battery has a battery cover with the latest polymer chemical structure, which ensures the consistency of power off and pressure release, and eliminates the hidden dangers of battery safety accidents. Three advanced core design concepts; the battery shell is made of pre-plated nickel steel plate to prevent metal material powder The appearance of debris greatly reduces the self-discharge of the battery; the quadrupole structure realizes ultra-high power discharge and explores higher performance..

Application :

With the same material, the 21700 battery has a capacity ratio of 35% higher than that of the classic 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery. It is used in Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, BOATS, Golf Carts, SUBMARINES, Electric Bicycles/Scooters, Electric Folklifts, electric vehicles etc.

Package And Shiping:

Packing: Stong Foam box packing. Meet Air standard, Express standard packing requirements to make sure safe transportation!

Product advantage:

1. The battery cell capacity is increased by 35%
2. The cost of the battery system project is lower, the weight of the whole vehicle battery pack is lighter, and it is easier to automate production.
3. High reliability and stable performance

Product parameters:

Warranty 3months-1year
Battery Size 21*70mm
Brand Name A&S POWER
Model Number 21700
Place of Origin China
Weight 70g
Size 21*70mm
Key words Rechargeable 21700 battery cells
Application Power Tools/Out door LED lights etc
Cycle life 500Times
Warranty 12 Months
PCB Provided
Weight 70g
Capacity 4800Ah
Payment T/T L/C credit card


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