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Discharge Time 2100mins No.1 Lr20 Size D Type Batteries Use Blister Card

No.1 D Size Lr20 alkaline battery is a non-rechargeable disposable battery. Alkaline batteries are high-current batteries, so it has a longer battery life, and the discharge time of a piece AAA battery can reach 140 minutes. AAA LR03 alkaline batteries are specially used in LED flashlight, calculator, MP3, remote control, radio, toy car, wireless mouse, etc.

Product Name: GOODCELL battery LR20
Standard:GB/T 8897.2
MODEL:LR20 / D / AM1
Battery Performance:
Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
Service Life: 0 years
Average Weight: 143±0.3g
Discharge Time: 2100mins
Working Environment:
Discharge Condition: At 20±2℃, Load resistance 3.9Ω, 24h/d, Cut-off 0.9V
Core Material:
1.Chemistry composition:Anode: MnO2, Cathode: Mercury-free zinc powders, Electrolyte: KOH
2. Chemical Structure: New green energy of environmental protection No Mercury / No Lead No Cadmium
Application :
D size LR20 alkaline batteries are specially used in Doorbell, flashlight, remote control, etc.


Our D size LR20 alkaline battery can be packed in blister card, shrink, box. This link mainly introduces blister cards. Our blister card packaging are 1pcs / blister, 2pcs / blister .

 Model   Volt  Duration Pcs/Blister  Pcs/Box  Pcs/CTN  G.W(kg) N.W(kg) CBM(L*W*H CM)
LR20 size D 1.5v 2100min 2 24 196 31.5 30 32*40*30
LR14 / Size C 1.5v 1020min 2 24 192 15 14.5 39*29*22
6LR61/9v 1.5v 850min 1 60 120 7 6.5 34*30*25
LR6 / AA 1.5v 400min 2 60 480 14 13 39*29*28CM
4 120 960 25.5 24 39*29*28CM
LR03 / AAA 1.5v 140min 2 60 480 8 7 39*29*22CM
4 120 960 14 12.5 39*29*22CM

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