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ODM Zinc Manganese Battery LR6 AM3 AA Alkaline Battery Use Shrink Package 2 3 And 4 Pieces

AA alkaline batteries, also called No.5 battery, LR6, AM3 batteries, which are 1.5v environmentally friendly dry batteries. The main components of alkaline batteries are zinc, manganese dioxide, potassium hydroxide, graphite, diaphragm paper, etc. Alkaline batteries are disposable, mercury-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free green and environmentally friendly new energy materials.

Alkaline batteries are high-current batteries, so their battery life is longer. The discharge time of our AA battery is 400 minutes, which is 9 times longer than normal batteries. Our own brand is Goodcell, and we also support the customization of logo and packaging.

Product Parameters:

Battey Type Zinc Manganese Battery LR6 AM3 AA Alkaline Battery
Brand Goodcell
Service ODM and OEM
Model LR6
Size AAA LR6
Voltage 1.5V
Duration time 400mins
Jacket Alu
Warranty 10 years
Package blister card,shrink, box and cartoon
Shipping 7-20 working days
Safety factor (Non-Hg, Non-Cadmium)

Application :

AA alkaline battery are specially used in high power consumption electronic products, such as gas stoves, radios, alarm clocks, mice, remote controls, etc.


Our No. 5 AA LR06 alkaline battery packaging mainly includes three types of card packaging, plastic packaging, and box packaging.This link mainly introduces shrink packaging. Our shrink packaging are 2pcs / shrink, 4pcs / shrink 60pcs/box.

We also provide ODM & OEM services, we can help customer to design and manufacture their own logo and package to develop their market.

Model Pack Inner Box Carton Size(cm) G.W(kg)
LR6 AA 2pcs/Shrink 60 pcs 480pcs 39*29*28 14kg
4pcs/Shrink 60pcs 720pcs 32*20*21 18kg

Product advantage:

1. Long discharge time: discharge time is more than 400 minutes
2. Long shelf life, our shelf life can reach 10 years
3. No mercury, no cadmium, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recyclable
4. Certificate: professional battery manufacturer, we have different types of certificates, different regions of the market, to give the best service and high-quality products


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